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Origin: San Diego

Genre: Folk/Rock/Americana

Years Active: 2012 - Present

Label: None

Official Websites: thelittlemiss.com



Hayley Johnson, AKA The Little Miss, is a twenty-seven-year-old, folk singer-songwriter originally from San Diego, CA. Having been inspired by female vocalists such as Fiona Apple and Jewel at an early age, Johnson can remember starting girl bands at recess and writing lyrics in notebooks beginning in first grade. In middle school, Johnson began performing original music around San Diego county with her father at local coffee shops and surf competitions. Having gone by the stage name, "Hazel," for many years, Johnson developed the idea for The Little Miss while in college at San Francisco State University, where she rediscovered her love of music after a long hiatus. After graduating, The Little Miss took off down south to further pursue her love of folk, blues and classic Americana music in Los Angeles. She now resides in Echo Park with her dog, Winifred, and continues to start girl bands at recess. 


"Described as a modern day Marianne Faithful, The Little Miss manages to mix the past and future together to make a wonderful new concoction."

- Jane Hawkins, York Calling, May 2018

"Listen to the voice of the remarkable singer, Hayley Johnson, also known as The Little Miss. It is enchanting, polished and admirable. You may fall in love before the wind stops blowing in the background of the record."

- Grungecake, May 2018

"Those of longer stay will know my ever present predilection towards songs of minimalist persuasion, often commenting three chords is plenty, yet, in A Ride Along the Mountain Valley – The Little Miss evidences that three has the potential to be one chord too many and it will some as no surprise this immediately sits on my essential songs playlist, as it assuredly should yours too."

- Emerging Indie Bands, May 2018

"Doubt, from The Little Miss, is the best song I’ve heard in a really long time. As a stand alone song it does exactly what a single should do. It makes you hit repeat x repeat x repeat, and then it makes you research the artist and figure out if there is more music to inhale."

- Cut From Steel, May 2017



Hayley Johnson  |  the.little.miss.music@gmail.com

Press Contact

 Beth Martinez  |  beth@dangervillage.com 


Home page photo taken by Lauren Waldvogel


Album cover photo taken by Joshua Cobos

Remaining photos taken by Paige Nelson